Testimonials: Coaching


  “Olga is about the warmest person I have ever met. Her warmth is married with values, knowledge, and skills transcending the regular and launching her right up there with the best of the best in coaching and talent development work. During my time working with her I was unhappy in my job. I was experiencing personal challenges and in a deep rut in my career. While Olga couldn't change my working conditions, she was often able to help me change my perspective and approach to how I managed my work. Olga helped me feel more empowered, raised my critical awareness of what I was and wasn't accountable for, and allowed me to develop the courage to advocate for myself. Olga helped me navigate some dark, dark waters and get to a warmer and sunnier place professionally, personally, and emotionally. She's great.” 

Tyler Colbourne, Community Worker and Social Work Student

Conversations with Olga are engaging, and results orientated. She has the ability to guide a mentee through difficult self-discovery conversations and then coach an individual to use existing strengths to create powerful coping strategies and unleash creative and innovative solutions. Time with Olga is time well invested.

Tina Murphy, Manager

 I worked with Olga last fall and had the pleasure if having her as a professional coach.  Olga was wonderful; professional, organized and timely.  She helped me to focus on particular tasks and helped me to realize how other facets of my life were helping or distracting me.

By learning how to hold myself accountable to me - I was able to clear off the other distractions and organize my thoughts and focus. That did not mean that I ignored my other priorities - it just help me to be mentally prepared on how to deal.  I left each session focused and felt like I had left each session with praise and recognition! Coincidentally I doubled my sales results for the year in Q4 alone! I impressed myself - I learned to challenge myself not others, I also learned to be proud of me and my hard work.  I also took part in four 6k walks - which was a personal challenge for myself. Thank you Olga! It was time well spent on me for me!

Rebecca Victor

"The expectation of my time working with Olga was far exceeded by the outcome. She was able to pinpoint the important things that were important to me while letting me express myself, and really listened while at the same time giving me direction without forcing a path. With her guidance, she made me focused in on what I valued the most and ‘keeping my eyes on the prize’. I would highly recommend Olga… her style and professionalism is only surpassed by how much she cares for helping people."

Bob Mills, IT Specialist

Testimonials: HR Coaching & Competencies


“Olga was one of the most professional and knowledgeable HR leaders that I have worked with in my 30+ year career.  She provided great insight and support when I faced several sticky personnel issues.  She also facilitated a full-day brainstorming session on a technical topic that she knew very little about, but the key was following the principles of brainstorming.  The outcome was tremendous and led to the creation of a very successful training program.  Olga was not only well-versed in all aspects of HR, she was unique in that she brought a common-sense approach rather than just forcing policy compliance.

Myron Geiser, Senior Business Development Manager

Olga facilitated a management team building event and she was wonderful.  Olga was engaging, motivated, and personable and she fulfilled our objective as requested.  I highly recommend her services. 

Phan, Training Coordinator


I had the great pleasure of working closely with Olga in 2016 and 2017. As my HR Director on the packaging side of the business, Olga was a great HR leader and a wonderful coach. Always patient, and an excellent listener, Olga was exceptional at providing me with a sounding board to work through a number of challenging issues. She really encouraged me to explore issues from new perspectives and helped me to feel confident in my ability to handle the challenges effectively.
Olga also is great fun to work with, her positivity and passion for mentoring others truly shines. I look forward to working with Olga on my personal career development over the years to come. Thank you, Olga for your support and guidance! 

Kyla Gorgon, Manager, Human Resources 


Olga is a remarkable leader and coach.  In the 2 years I worked with her she was a true professional and always made herself available to coach me on situations I needed help with.  Her trainings are spot on and allow for people to see how they can use the information in real life.  My HR skills grew immensely during my time working with her and I still reach out to her today for advice.  I recommend Olga for any executive/professional coaching and talent development needs!!

Shelly Carr, Human Resources Manager, Ohio


I have had the privilege of working with Olga Manzoni during our tenure with TC Transcontinental. Although I could provide numerous examples of Olga’s stellar ability to coach, mentor and develop, I will provide 2 examples of exemplary programs Olga managed. 

The first program was our Co-development program

Olga was instrumental in the design and development of the Co-development program within TC Atlantic Media. The program took a cross selection of employees from across the organization to work through an organizational issue. It enabled employees’ access and exposure to understanding the challenges among departments and how they can contribute to solutions. Olga led, facilitated and mentored the program from start to finish. She also trained and enabled a team of facilitators to deliver the program. This program was seen as a great tool to help develop future leaders with our organization. The program was well received by all participants.

The second program was our Employee Retention and Development program - TRAIN

Olga once again led in designing and developing this manager mentoring program for the Atlantic. It was an 18-month program focused on employee development and mentoring of future leaders within the company. Olga led the entire program ensuring the scope, content and timelines were met at each stage. Her unique ability to excite and engage the audience makes her a leader among facilitators and mentors. The program was so well received; it brought the National senior management team to participate in the program. 

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Olga will become a better professional and a better person. Her contributions and experience will greatly enhance any project or leadership program she is involved with.

Anita DeLazzer, CEO Del Strategies


Having worked with Olga for several years, I was delighted to learn of her new endeavour with Avanti Coaching and to have the opportunity to offer an endorsement. Upon first meeting Olga, her professionalism is obvious and her multi-lingual communication skills are impressive to say the least. With an extensive background in all areas of Human Resources, training, consulting, and coaching, I can say without hesitation that there is no one better to sit across the desk from to get advice. I owe Olga much gratitude for her sage guidance, which has greatly contributed to my own professional success. Over the years, I have seen many training participants become captivated by whatever narrative Olga was sharing. Her facilitation skills are second to none, and I believe any organization working with her would be more than satisfied.

Susan Shute, CPHR


(English translation follows)

Depuis plus de 14 ans que j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec Olga Manzoni, tant comme consultante que comme employée de TC Transcontinental.  Sa capacité d’écoute et à comprendre les enjeux de ses clients font toute la différence dans la recherche et à la réalisation de solutions adaptées à l’organisation. (ou… de solutions concrètes et durables)

De par sa grande expérience en développement organisationnel et en coaching, ce dont les organisations pour lesquelles Olga Manzoni a contribué ont bénéficié le plus sont les actions concrètes qui amènent des résultats à long terme.

Au-delà de la théorie et les techniques de coaching, sa personnalité et sa facilité à connecter tant avec les exécutifs qu’avec les employés amènent rapidement la confiance dans toute l’organisation et génèrent des actions qui adressent les vrais enjeux. (ou… des actions qui donnent des résultats)

La plus grande force d’Olga Manzoni, est sa capacité à comprendre les enjeux et d’y développer des solutions souvent innovatrices en collaboration avec les principaux acteurs de l’organisation.

Olga Manzoni n’invente pas des besoins, elle sait comprendre les problématiques réelles de l’organisation et/ou des individus et d’y initier des actions qui donnent des résultats.

Normand Richard, Vice-président, Intégration - Ressources humaines et exploitation 

                                (ENGLISH translation)

For more than 14 years I have had the opportunity to work with Olga Manzoni, both as a consultant and as an employee of TC Transcontinental.  Her ability to listen and to understand the issues of her clients makes all the difference in the research and the realization of solutions adapted to the organization. (or... concrete and durable solutions)

Through her extensive experience in organizational development and coaching, what the organizations for which Olga Manzoni has contributed have benefited from the most are the concrete actions that lead to long-term results. Beyond the theory and coaching techniques, her personality and her ability to connect with both executives and employees quickly brings confidence to the whole organization and generates actions that address that give results.

Olga Manzoni's greatest strength is her ability to understand the issues and develop often innovative solutions in collaboration with the organization's key players. 

Olga Manzoni does not invent needs, she understands the real problems of the Organization and/or individuals and initiates actions that give results.

Normand Richard, Vice-President, Integration - Human Resources and Operations


Testimonials: Volunteer & Other


“I first met Olga in 2007 as a box office volunteer with the Halifax Jazz Festival and have worked together on the Festival Board of Directors since 2013. In this time, I have found Olga to be extremely competent, hardworking and highly interested in the success of the Festival and the Board in general. She brought forward initiatives to the board such as a volunteer succession planning, and her experience in high level human resources was instrumental in the hiring of the right Festival staff members including artistic director and executive director. 

On a more personal note, I have sought out Olga as a sounding board for her opinion on my own career direction. Her advice and coaching has helped bring perspective and a critical eye to my professional journey. I highly recommend Olga as a skilled and experienced executive coach and her level of leadership and commitment to success is second to none.”

Paul Chui, Paul Chui | Delivery Manager| CGI 

“I have been fortunate to work with Olga on the Halifax Jazz Festival Board of Directors for nearly a decade. In all her roles - board member, President, and past President - she constantly encourages staff and volunteers in all that they do - while always seeking ways to do even better. Helping others in this professional setting is clearly a passion for her.”
Andrew Killawee, Board Chair – Halifax Jazz Festival