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        It happens to all of us at some point in our lives (and often not just once) … we get stuck. Starting our career or professional questions with “what, how, where, or when” … and not having the answers. 

         But you do. 

         Let’s compare your journey, be it professional or personal, to a rope. Most times it can stretch out in a long straight, even wavy, line without any obstacles. But sometimes there are kinks and knots. Kinks are not too bad… just step back to that point, turn or twist slightly and readjust. A knot however, can create a full stop and cause one to be stuck for any amount of time. (Not properly dealing with kinks can also create knots.) There are times in our careers when we hit a knot. We’ll tug and pull at it, feeling the pressure of time and that need /desire to move on… and sometimes just make it worse and then we’re really stuck. 

         Having a thinking partner to put a light on the proverbial “knot” and help you untangle your rope and stretch it out, may be just what you need. 

         As a professional coach, my goal is to help you get through those "knots" in your work life and career... to get unstuck and able to move forward again.



As a professional development tool, coaching can provide a solid means to recognizing your strengths and to working on areas of development necessary to move you forward in your career.

Working with individuals and teams locally or at a distance, in French and English... I help professionals move forward and get UNSTUCK... or simply be the best they can be.

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Training & Facilitation

Get more "bang for buck" by customizing the learning and development needs for management teams or talent groups.  

There are lots of options but in the end it's about what will work best for you.

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