I look forward to meeting you.

Olga Manzoni, CEC


 Success is not necessarily a finite activity… once reached it can then bring new opportunities. Continuous development is fuel to move us towards success and take on new challenges. 

What fuels me is to help uncover the talent that lies deep in people regardless of their position or field, or where they are in their careers.


I launched my coaching business, “Avanti Coaching” with the desire to focus on what excites me, to help people move forward in their careers. 

My Story


I'm a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) with a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching through Royal Roads University. I am also a bilingual Talent and Leadership Development Specialist with more than 25 years of Human Resources and leadership experience, working with individuals and management teams in Canada and the US.

 I've coached and developed talent in the following industries; Construction, Hotel, Restaurant, IT, Print, Media, Packaging, and Education. 

People are my business... but as a result of my experience I also recognize and adapt to the realities of different work cultures and environments. 

Personal & Professional Values


 I believe in:

  • Honesty, integrity and mutual respect
  • Being authentic, kind and making better
  • Loving what you do… and showing it!

Professionally I also believe in;

  • Strong business ethics
  • Fostering the abilities of others
  • Achieving business success through employee focus
  • Proactive business practices and attention to continuous improvement


One more thing to know about me...

My favourite day of the week?


If you find that hard to imagine and would like to go from dreading Mondays to celebrating them... send me a note... we'll chat.  

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